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RBF Navigator, a service offering of the RBF OASyS group, calculates the potential value of your company as an operating asset, or its enterprise value, and then builds a prioritized plan based on best practices to achieve it. Using CoreValue, a patented methodology developed at MIT, RBF Navigator utilizes a two-step process to help you better understand, manage and monitor the intangible drivers behind your business.

Your enterprise value is the yardstick – and driver – of success, not simply a financial measure at a point in time.

Uncovering the “Value Gaps” will help you:

  • Understand which systems and operations are moving your company forward and which are holding you back.
  • Help build a prioritized, achievable task list to take advantage of the top growth opportunities in your business.
  • Prepare you for potential and future inflection points including succession, mergers, and acquisitions.
Questions to Consider
  • How can I enhance the value of my company?
  • How do my overall operations standup to industry best practices Where can I improve? How real or achievable are my strategic goals?
  • Do I know how prioritizing strategic investments will help improve my company’s performance? How do I evaluate that while still managing the day-to-day needs of my company?


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