Outsourced Accounting Systems & Services (OASyS)

As companies grow, many choose to move their business processes – including accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting – to outside service providers.

Outsourcing these tasks allows company leaders to better focus their time and energy on the areas that need their full attention. And companies also benefit from their providers’ substantial investments and expertise in the latest business process technologies and their diverse industry knowledge.

Partnering with RBF’s OASyS Group will help build healthier financial habits among the staff you already have in place – and may add in the future. Financial information and analysis will be generated more quickly and accurately. Processes will become more streamlined. Objective third-party advice will always be close at hand. And the services you use can be scaled as your business grows.


RBF’s OASyS Services Include:

  • Managing cash flow, preparing annual budgets and longer-term forecasts
  • Assisting with contract negotiations
  • Producing periodic financial statements, including comparisons to budgets
  • Preparing compliance reports for grants and government contracts
  • Producing pro-forma statements and due diligence for bank loans & acquisitions
  • Improving internal workflow with appropriate accounting software and processes
  • Providing on-site and/or remote accounting and bookkeeping


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