Planning a One Fund benefit? Don’t forget the paperwork

By Kyle McClure, RBF Staff Accountant

Since the tragic events of April15, the greater Boston community has shown itself to be strong and more united than ever.  As the depths of the losses became clear, donations to The One Fund poured in from across the country, netting more than $60 million for victims and their families.

Locally, many businesses continue to set up events that will directly benefit The One Fund.  Although setting up an event is a very simple process, it does require that sponsors register the event with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO).  Here is a quick summary of the required materials:

  1. Form 10 – Registration Statement; to be filed within 10 days of signing and prior the commencement of the event.
  2. Form 9 – to be filled out by your insurance provider.  In essence it requires the business sponsoring the event to take out a Surety Bond to insure the event for $25,000.  This policy will need to be taken out through the year ending for which the event will take place.  Your insurance company will be able to provide you with the details including the policy premiums.
  3. Normally a contract between the business(es) sponsoring the event and the charitable organization is required to be submitted.  But in the case of The One Fund Boston, a summary of the event will suffice, since the organization is not currently endorsing specific charitable events.  A summary of the event should include a) date(s) of the event; b) the businesses that will be involved including name(s), address(es) and employer ID number(s); and c) a general description of the services rendered and/or goods sold at the event

A filing fee of $200, made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be mailed with the entire registration package (steps 1-3).

After the event is held, Form 11B will need to be filed by February 28 of the following calendar year.  This form summarizes the events’ financial activity.  The form states at the bottom that the signatures of two different officers on behalf of the charitable organization are required, and that Form 11B will not be accepted without the appropriate notarized signatures.

However, Stephanie Emerich, a representative with the state’s Division of Charities has said that the circumstances surrounding The One Fund Boston are different, and that no endorsements are required since they are not currently activity endorsing any particular event.

The forms mentioned above can be downloaded here

If your business is interested in setting up a charitable event for The One Fund or any other recognized charity and would like more information or assistance in getting registered with the AGO, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 781.321.6065.

About the Author

Kyle McClure is a Staff Accountant at Rucci Bardaro & Falzone, PC.